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I Am The Big Chief

I spend my days as a consultant, motivational speaker, blogger, retiree, and student. Fortunately, I still love learning and always will. When you stop learning, you die. Use my inspirational lessons daily to live a better life.

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Why do you need me? It’s because my passion is to help people and I will help millions through my words, experiences, and inspirational lessons. Will you be one of them?

I am everyone and nobody; I am neither short nor tall; not fat nor thin. Just a guy who has been through it all.

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Airborne School

You’ll see that I am no different than you. Just someone who has learned a lot of lessons in life which have made me successful and I want to pass them on to you. My dream is these inspirational lessons will help you live a better life.

I was thinking about my life and how I arrived at where I am today. I remember that I used to read a lot. As a kid I was always reading books about adventure, space travels and explorations.

I Was Always A Dreamer

As far back as I remember, I was always fascinated with the military and read a lot of books about World War II.

Favorite books of mine though were mysteries by Alfred Hitchcock. I would spend hours reading these books and loved pouring into the investigation of solving these mysteries.

inspirational lessons for life, About
The Jungles of Peru

My life up to this point has turned out just like the books that I used to read and the dreams I used to have.

I was an officer in the U.S. Army, investigated and solved mysteries as a Special Agent with DEA and had many adventures in the jungles of South America and on the streets of US cities.

I was always surrounded by inspirational quotes of lessons about life and still am and I want to share them with you.