Take Control Of Your Life

Some days I wake full of energy with a lot to accomplish. Then, unexpected events arise and, before I know it, I have lost control of my day. One day can turn into weeks or months if I let it. Today I want to talk about what happens in life and how you can take control of your life.

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Taking Control Of Your Life

Sometimes, I feel like my connection is off. Something is missing, and I cannot explain it. Today is a new day and the beginning of something big! One thing I know about not feeling connected is that it is only disconnected on my side. God/The Universe is always there and is always connected.

To begin to take control of your life, you must realize you have full control to reconnect your mind. For example, take the electricity to your house. A lamp might not work because the plug came loose. The electricity is still flowing, but the connection has been broken. Plug the lamp back in, and the connection is complete. The lamp works once more.

It’s Your Life

Now that you know you have full control of your life, you have to figure out what happened to your connection. For me, it could be that I was exposed to too much negativity through the media or other people. Possibly, I spent too much time away from my morning routine and broke the connection. Maybe I didn’t read enough or at all.

Negativity is everywhere and impossible to escape for me. I do not watch the news or much television. When I do, I pick shows that make me laugh or are entertaining. I continue to work on handling my exposure to negativity better and quickly turning back to what is important to me.

Morning Routine

My morning routine is important. I believe that it is responsible for the positive changes I have made in my life. It is why my relationships with my family have improved; why I am a better husband and father. Also, why I am a better person overall.


Reading is also a major factor in my life. It also has brought about positive changes in me. The knowledge I acquire by reading helps solidify my beliefs. It also teaches me new techniques. The books I read provide me with different ways of looking at my life, which helps me grow.

I Love To Travel

Getting away from my routine and reading happens when I travel. Time away from everything is wonderful. I highly recommend it. I love traveling with my family and seeing new places. Sometimes we revisit old places and reconnect. It is great to put everything down once in a while and do nothing. It makes me feel energized and refreshed.

When traveling, it is important to continue with your positive habits. For myself, I will do a better job of taking time every morning to connect and stay focused even when we are on the road. It is like staying healthy. Is it better to live a healthy lifestyle every day than to start over again and again? It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy unhealthy food or skip my workouts once in a while. I do them in moderation.

After all, life is supposed to be lived to the fullest. Enjoy every moment of it. It flies by all too quickly. Only don’t forget about the habits that you have developed. Incorporate them into your life when you are home and away. Keep working on how to take control of your life.