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Hello, come on in, relax, and have a seat. Just close the door behind you; you weren’t raised in a barn. Thank you for joining me. My site is here to help you overcome the challenges of life. I will tell you stories about my journey to success and provide inspirational quotes to motivate you to succeed.

Could it be that you’re looking to find a way to eliminate debt (been there)? Possibly life is just kicking you in the teeth (been there, got that T-shirt). Maybe you’re looking to lose weight, drop some fat, will get rid of that belly (been there, got that T-shirt, went back and got another one). The one thing that I want to accomplish by writing this blog is to give you hope. I want to give you hope that you can do anything that your heart and mind desires. You will say, “If that guy can do it, then I will surely be able to do it.”

Big Chief

My daughter calls me “Big Chief.” It is a nickname given to me by my wife’s uncle a long time ago. It has been brought to my attention that I am the Big Chief, the big cheese, the head honcho, the main man, the MVP. I am the CEO of ME Enterprises. Also, the COO, CFO, marketing director, sales director, etc. I make all the decisions; Who is the deciding factor on whether my business/life succeeds or fails, that’s right, me.

Inspirational quotes for success, Blog
CEO of ME Enterprises

I have accomplished a lot in life and I have gone through many failures. In short, I served my country, had an accomplished career, retired, started a business, failed at a business, redirected my efforts, and became very successful. As well, I have been married and divorced and remarried; I watched children being born and have buried friends. In my life, I have gained weight, lost weight, gained it back, and lost it again. I have made good decisions and bad decisions (thankfully 90 percent of my decisions have been good). If you have been through it I have probably been through it as well.

Inspirational quotes for success, Blog

Solutions To Life’s Challenges

I want to write about solutions to the challenges of life. In this blog I will write about motivation, changing your mindset, and winning. You will find post about exercise, healthy eating habits, and fat loss. I might even throw in a post that’s unrelated to anything now and then. Want to make my post as entertaining as possible and I hope you enjoy them. You will find motivational/inspirational quotes from some of the great leaders; video and audio clips of great speeches.

You will be motivated by short inspirational quotes to help you on your journey to success.

Let’s take this journey together. I am your wall to lean on and I hope that you will be mine. I expect to learn as much from you as you will for me. We are all in this together and together we will make it to the top. I haven’t arrived yet and I hope I never will. when I wake up every day I’m filled with the desire to be better than I was the day before.


I learn new things every day and I don’t ever want to stop learning. If you looking for perfection then you probably come to the wrong place. I am far from perfect but I am the best me. I don’t have zero body fat or ripped six-pack abs. You will find out very quickly that I’m not a writer. Grammatical errors there will be aplenty. So if you’re okay with all that and climb aboard the train we are about to leave the station.

Inspirational quotes for success, Blog

 “This train is moving on, you can get on, you can get off but the train keeps moving forward! We are going to the top of the mountain!”

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