Are you thankful for what you have? - Episode 5, Are You Thankful For What You Have? – Episode 5

Are You Thankful For What You Have? – Episode 5

I hope you enjoy Episode 5 Are you thankful for what you have?

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I look forward to watching the NFL draft every year. Why? Because you get to see their dreams come true as it happens. The emotions they go through as they get the phone call from the NFL team that is selecting them. You see the emotions of the families that are there with them. Watching the draft makes me grateful for my life. Are you thankful for what you have?

Be Grateful For All

What you don’t see is the countless hours in the weight room. The infinite number of sprints they have run, or the endless hours they spent studying in the classroom. What you don’t see is the countless miles the families put on their cars driving their kids to practice, games, or camps. You don’t see the time the families might’ve had to put in working a second job to pay for equipment or fees. The families do all this to help their children to achieve their dreams.

For most of these young men, the dream started when they were a child while they were lying in bed. They held onto the dream probably through many ups and downs, successes, and failures.


A vast majority of the men selected today will feel humbled, honored, and gracious when they hear their name called by the Commissioner. It is a pleasure to see them when they speak give thanks to God, their family, their coaches and everyone who ever help them achieve this dream.


Unfortunately, there are usually one or two who expected to be drafted earlier than they were and are unhappy. When you see them on camera they have a scowl on their face and you can tell that they are angry. Now I’m sure that they think that they are the best player and feel slighted that so many teams passed them up, I can understand that. What I cannot understand is how they cannot fill gracious enough to put the other feelings aside. I’ve heard it said that less than one percent of all boys playing high school football will make it to the NFL. Just to have the talent to be in that small pool should make you one of the most thankful people alive.

Are you grateful for what you have been given? Do you give thanks every day? If not, today is a great day to start!

Final Thoughts

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Are you thankful for what you have? - Episode 5, Are You Thankful For What You Have? – Episode 5
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31 thoughts on “Are You Thankful For What You Have? – Episode 5

  1. I am grateful for this life, having functional limbs, a working mind, a loving family. I am forever grateful for the smallest of things that people do for me.
    Great post👌

  2. I am very grateful for what I have. I have very good friends, some of them are like my Doraemon and I am their shinchan. 😂😂😜😜
    My family provides me a pampered life. I have a peaceful life. So I am very grateful.
    Thank you so much inspire chief for such a good article. Because of this I get to realise how many good things I have.

  3. This is a nice reminder. The stress of this pandemic weighs heavy on us all but there are things that are still going right. If we focus on the good and practice gratitude, the bad will be more bearable. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. I am so grateful for all in my life right now. I am trying to practice more gratitude, sometimes you just don’t realise what you have got or achieved until you sit down and reflect on it all.
    Thanks for this!
    Aimsy xoxo

  5. This Saturday I’ve booked in time in the morning (a novelty for me!) to write down my goals and dreams. I am going to organise the thoughts I have about writing books and having them published, and recording and releasing music so others can listen to it, into a coherent list to read every day. This is exciting, and daunting, but steps I am taking because of this wonderful WordPress community and the encouragement of people like you. Thank you for your thoughtful inspiration and encouragement. Peace to you and your loved ones.

    1. Thank you for listening and your wonderful comments. That’s great. I look forward to hearing your songs and reading your books. I agree this community is very helpful and encouraging.

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