forgetting about age, Forgetting About Age

Forgetting About Age

Today I’m going to talk about something that happened to me several months ago. The concept is a little difficult to understand. It’s the difference between living your life spiritually and living physically. The event was simply a conversation I had with a young lady. I don’t believe this connection would have happened if I was not living spiritually in the Now. Therefore, I want to talk about being in the Now and forgetting about age.

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Forgetting About Age And Living Today

Physically, I know that I am 61 years old. I have a birth certificate that tells me that. Although, when I look in the mirror, I see myself as a young man. I don’t look over 30. That is because, in my mind, I don’t have an age. I don’t dwell on the past or spend much time on the future. I try to live in the Now and experience life as it is happening.

Every Saturday during football season, I meet up with fellow alumni to watch the game. Most of the time, the same crowd shows up, and we are in the same age group. This past Saturday, a young lady in her 20s joined us and sat next to me. We had the most engaging conversation. During this conversation, there was no difference in age between us. We were conversing on the same level.

Age Did Not Matter

I did not feel as if she viewed me as an older man and, I looked at her as no different than me. The difference in our age, as well as our gender, race, experiences, etc., were broken down; they disappeared. This happened because I was living in the Now.

Now is the moment in time that I am experiencing, right that second. I am not thinking of my past or my future. Most of our thoughts focus on the past and the future. We are not thinking about life as it’s happening. When I live in the past and the future; I think about age. How many years have passed, and how many I have left.

I Viewed Her As an Equal

If I would have been thinking physically, I would have focused on the difference in our age and not on the conversation. I would have looked upon this young woman as a child, someone who needed my knowledge, more like my daughter. Instead, by forgetting about age, I viewed her only as of the person she is. I was talking to a person, not someone of different age.

forgetting about age, Forgetting About Age

It has always been easy for me lately to engage in a conversation with people my age. As humans, we seek out people similar to ourselves. By only being around similar people, my focus would be on our age. We could all sit around and tell “war stories” of our past.

Living In The Now

Living in the Now and forgetting about age, I can experience life through someone else’s eyes. They can talk about their experiences and share their stories. By listening as a person, I understand what others are feeling at this moment in their life.

I have followers of all ages. When I read their blogs, I learn so much about what they are going through. I can learn as much from a 17-year-old as I can from a 70-year-old. I don’t know what it is like being a teenager in another country today. By living in the Now and breaking down the age barrier, I read the articles as if we are the same age.

We All Have Gifts

We all have something to teach one another despite our age differences. You never know who you can help with your experiences. If you feel the inspiration to write, then write. Live in the Now. Experience life as it is happening right now and embrace it. Good things or bad things may be happening. No matter what is happening, embrace the experience.

Bad times never last forever. Embrace all times and give thanks. Better times are ahead! So, when you find yourself near someone of a different age group, look at them as the same as you. Live in the Now. You might make a new friend. Always remember, age is just a number.


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14 thoughts on “Forgetting About Age

  1. As I age, my students get younger and younger. Okay, it actually me who is getting older. But I have learned that they have a lot to teach me. The world is changing, as it always has, and people…regardless of age, as you said…. have a lot to offer one another. Great post! 🙂

  2. I loved your post, I have found that I have the gift to get down on the same level when having a conversation with a child, adult, a well educated person or a not so educated person. Perhaps that is indeed living in the now. I don’t like to think about my younger years, made many mistakes, I’m older now, but not afraid of Death, I know by my Faith what my future holds, so the only thing I want to do is help another achieve their dreams, and hopefully find peace in their faith.

  3. This is beautiful, Scott! I understand this completely. I tend to want to have conversations with those older than me~to seek wisdom and mutual understanding. But it’s time with young and younger ones, that I learn so much. I wrote about this in my journal~what “worked” for generations helped them in that moment. For i.e., those that lived through the depression. And the generation ahead of me lives through their times with how they needed! The generation now, including my kids and small grandkids, are living in times that will require THEIR knowledge and skills, not mine. But what I do know~throughout the “ages” one thing has never changed~God! Age isn’t a thing for me, but learning and wisdom sure are! I plan on writing about this in a blog ~great minds think alike 🥰, no matter the age. 💛🤗 hugs and blessings!

  4. love this Scott! We are all the same age of the heart in so many ways Scott when we fully connect. I so agree. I just followed you again? ! 😂😂🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ WTF is up with WP!

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