Mr. Peaches and unconditional love, Mr. Peaches and Unconditional Love

Mr. Peaches and Unconditional Love

One of the most important skills we can learn in our time on this beautiful spinning rock is unconditional love. I believe it is our purpose while we are here. Some of the best examples of unconditional love come from animals. If you have ever had a pet, you know what I mean. Here is a story about Mr. Peaches and unconditional love.

Unconditional Love From Mr. Peaches

I learned of a wonderful story from a friend, Linda who I was introduced to by my wife. Linda learned lessons about unconditional love from a squirrel. Yes, a wild animal that lives in trees and is part of the rodent family. I always find it amazing the different ways God uses to teach us these important lessons.

Around August 2019, Linda was outside her home when she noticed a fur ball on her deck. It was a baby squirrel, about a month old and it wasn’t moving. She brought the squirrel inside and began giving it water from an eyedropper. The baby slowly began to gain strength and progressed to solid food. It particularly loved peaches, so naturally, Linda started calling him, Mr. Peaches.

The Florida Room

Mr. Peaches was raised by Linda and stayed in the Florida Room of her house. For those who have never heard of a Florida Room, it is essentially a closed-in porch on the back of the house with a roof. Mr. Peaches slept in a wicker basket and played by running around his new home.

Since squirrels like to live up high in trees, Linda’s father built Mr. Peaches a beautiful pagoda. He loved his new home. Mr. Peaches would show his appreciation and love by crawling in Linda’s lap and snuggling up to her.

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The Return

One morning, about eight months later, Linda came to greet Mr. Peaches but he was gone. She found a hole in the screen where he had chewed through. It saddened her to think he was gone for good. But not Mr. Peaches … No. Two days later he came scurrying around her pool and climbed on her pants leg. He was back!

They turned the hole into an entry/exit for Mr. Peaches to come and go as he pleased. Soon, Linda noticed that Mr. Peaches had built a dome-shaped structure in the pagoda out of the inside of palm trees. He had made a nest in his new home. Many days he would lie under his dome with just his head peeking out.

He Was Free

Mr. Peaches would come and go whenever the desire hit him. Some days she would find him at home and on others, he was out; growing and exploring. Like our children, animals have an instinct that it is time to branch out independently. In May 2021, Mr. Peaches left and didn’t return.

For almost two years, Mr. Peaches showed Linda and everyone who met him the true meaning of unconditional love. He was always friendly and unafraid and would approach everyone who came to Linda’s house.

Mr. Peaches Is A Children’s Book

Linda was so taken by the love shown by Mr. Peaches, that she wrote a children’s book titled, The Life of Mr. Peaches. He even had his own social media pages on Instagram and TikTok. You can find the book by clicking on the link above in the book title. Mr. Peaches is an example of how animals can be used to teach unconditional love. Maybe one day we humans will evolve and learn to love each other with the same unconditional love Mr. Peaches has.


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  1. what a beautiful inspiring story Scott. Sooo sweet and so much to learn from Mr. Peeches. Do tell if he returns. I’ve left lots of comments and caught up on your blog. I do hope you got them. I’ve been having WP issues again. 🤷‍♀️ 💖

      1. Yes, of course.. Oh great to know Scott and so happy you’re back in the saddle. Having some challenges I hear again on WP. Are u getting notifications? 💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

      2. Yes I have. I just had many things pop up recently that I had to take care of. My first granddaughter was born on 8/6. She arrived a week earlier than expected and we rushed up to Alabama to see her. Then I had two reports that needed to be done right away. This week our water heater in the garage broke and water came through the walls and flooded our living room. The cleaning company found mold in the walls so we’re dealing with that. Life has a way of keeping things interesting 🤔.

  2. Some people call this animal and human bonding as merely a result of instinctive imprinting of behavior over time. Apparently your Mr. Peaches example can be looked at differently with real companionship present.

  3. I loved this story! Compassion and love are reciprocal even between wild animals and humans. What a darling story! I’m going to google this so I can look at some pics of Linda and her sweet squirrel. Hugs, C

  4. Hi Inspire Chief Scott, believe it or not, I just saw this it was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful story. I am currently rehabing a 4 week old baby squirrel. Hoping Mr. Figgy will make it.

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