Episode 2: The Journey And Overcoming Fears, Episode 2: The Journey And Overcoming Fears

Episode 2: The Journey And Overcoming Fears

This is Episode 2: The Journey and Overcoming Fears of my podcast. In this episode, I discuss how we can make it to our destination. Our goals can seem overwhelming to us at times. Sometimes we just have to take that first step and see what happens.

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I go over some of the techniques I used to get through my military training. By learning certain techniques to help you on your journey you will find that anything is possible. Your journey, like all journeys, are going to have challenges. You are going to encounter obstacles along the way.

Overcoming Fears

By continuing to take one step after another you will reach your destination. Once you understand how easy it is to become successful at anything, you can become successful at everything. As long as you have a big enough WHY, there is nothing out of your reach.

I go over one of my fears, the fear of heights, or more correctly put, the fear of falling. How did someone with an extreme fear of heights end up at the U.S. Army parachute school? I was the last person who ever thought they would be jumping out of an airplane.

Episode 2: The Journey And Overcoming Fears, Episode 2: The Journey And Overcoming Fears
Army Paratrooper


The techniques I employed got me through to graduation and I earned my wings. More importantly, I learned that I could control my fears. I have used that throughout my life.

I hope that Episode 2: The Journey and Overcoming Fears, will help you to overcome your obstacles and continue on your journey to success.

Final Thoughts

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18 thoughts on “Episode 2: The Journey And Overcoming Fears

  1. As I’m listening to you right now Chief you really made me try to focus and value and embrace every single sphere of life at times it very hard to face the challanges as it is wanting to run away from it, thank you so much for sharing positivity inspiring message, I love when you say we must enjoy our journey even if it’s good, bad or ugly and Conquering our fears very powerful because without starting a journey we won’t be a able to conquer and facing them we need to travel the journey as it is for the greater good… Thank you again 😊💥

  2. I’m struggling at the moment with fear. A different form to that which you describe, but far nonetheless.

    I’m almost finished the first draft of my first book. Exciting stuff. Before I send query letters to publishers, or work out how to self-publish, I’ll need to have other people read it and let me know how I can improve it. Before I share it the story can be good or bad as my mind views it. Once I share it, other people can have opinions of it, and let me know if it’s good or bad. Putting myself out there is tough and I’m working on managing that fear.

    If I never share my writing, no one will get to share in what I think are awesome adventures. I know I will learn a lot from others reading it too.

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