Quotes to keep you from quitting, Quotes to Keep You From Quitting

Quotes to Keep You From Quitting

How many of you would agree with me that quitting is good? Wouldn’t everyone like to be known as a quitter? Well, sometimes quitting is good. As long as you’re talking about quitting smoking, I would like to be known as a quitter. The definition of quitting is to give up or resign. There are certain things that you need to give up to live a healthy life, such as overeating. If you’re in a stressful, unenjoyable job, you should look for another. You need to quit the bad habits in your life. These motivational quotes to keep you from quitting will get you over all obstacles.

“It’s always too soon to quit.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale

“Age wrinkles the body; quitting wrinkles the soul.”
~ Douglas MacArthur

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Quitting Quotes To Move Forward

At times, you have to quit to move forward. Hanging around the wrong people will hold you back. You have to quit them. When I first started my blog I wrote a post about quitting. I wanted to revisit that post and talk a little more about the idea of quitting. I hope these inspirational quotes about quitting will help you fight on when the urge takes hold of you.

“Never give up. If you want to be something, be conceited about it, give yourself a chance. Never say you are not good, that will never get you anywhere. Set goals, That’s what life is made of.”
~ Mike McLaren

“You’re never a loser until you quit trying.”
~ Mike Ditka

We talked about when it’s good to give up bad habits. Now let’s talk about what happens when you make that decision to change for the better. Why can’t you quit and go back to your old lifestyle? For one, once you quit on a major decision, it becomes a habit. A bad habit. Now, to accomplish anything, you have to quit the habit of quitting. Wow, I am getting dizzy.

Quotes to keep you from quitting, Quotes to Keep You From Quitting
Move Those Mountains


Once the habit is developed it becomes the easiest thing you will do. It becomes easier every time you do it. You will never attempt anything hard ever again. Every time something becomes difficult, you will quit. Here is a lesson I learned early on and have passed it on to my children. Life is hard and it is not fair. You must learn to persevere and drive on when everything in your mind is telling you to give up. This always reminds me of the line in the movie A League of Their Own. One of Tom Hanks’ players told him she was crying because it was hard. Hanks’ character replied, “Of course it’s hard, that’s what makes it great.” What a great quote to keep you from quitting.

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”
~ Napoleon Hill

“Most people who succeed in the face of seemingly impossible conditions are people who simply don’t know how to quit.”
~ Robert Schuller

You must have a strong mindset to change your lifestyle, become more self-confident, and be successful. A strong mind is always looking to grow. If you can develop your mind into a growth mindset, you will not quit. Imagine if plants quit growing when the conditions get hard. We would have no food. When the rains do not come their roots continue growing, searching for water. They will sustain themselves until the rains return.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”
~ Conrad Hilton

40% Rule

The Navy SEALs have what they call a 40% Rule. The 40% Rule says that when your mind is telling you that you are done, you have used only 40% of your energy. You have so much more inside of you and can keep going. I utilized this mindset in completing The Murph Challenge on Memorial Day. Some science backs up the 40% Rule. In a 2008 study, subjects were given a placebo and told it was caffeine. Other subjects were given caffeine. Both subjects then lifted weights. The subjects that were given the placebo lifted significantly more weight than the subjects given caffeine.

“No man is ever whipped until he quits in his own mind.”
~ Napoleon Hill

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.”
~ Ross Perot

If you’ve decided to do anything significant, at some point you will think about quitting. We have all been there. These thoughts are at their greatest frequency just before you are about to have a breakthrough. All you have to do to be successful is turn the corner or take another step. If you just drive one more mile you will find the answer. If you ever get to the point where you’re considering giving up and returning to your old lifestyle, think of WHY you wanted to change.

Quotes to keep you from quitting, Quotes to Keep You From Quitting
One of the Best

“Some people fold after making one timid request. They quit too soon. Keep asking until you find the answers.”
~ Jack Canfield

How Do We Keep Going?

How do we keep going when it becomes too difficult? We have to start with the WHY. You must remember WHY you started. You will never quit if your WHY is big enough. I talk about this a lot in my posts because I believe in its importance. Your WHY has to come from deep down inside of you. It should scare you. Success should be your only option. Choke out your “Doubt Demons” when they show up. Immediately replace any thoughts of failure with thoughts of success.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”
~ Ella Fitzgerald

“People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.”
~ George Allen

Rely On Others

Another way to keep from quitting is to form your team. It is a lot easier to quit on yourself than it is to quit on others. If you have family members who believe in you, make a commitment to them. You will get it done. Be honest with your teammates and rely on each other. Help everyone pull through the difficult times. We are all in this together and together we will win. Crush all obstacles in your way. As an individual and as a team you’re always moving forward. Be happy with the small victories and win the day. I like to think of it like a sports team. Before you can win the game you have to win each play. In football, you win the quarter. In cricket, you win the inning, and in soccer you win the half.

“Before success comes in any man’s life, he’s sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That’s exactly what the majority of men do.”
~ Napoleon Hill

Keep Moving Forward

To reiterate, when you make that life-changing decision at some point you will think about quitting. Whatever you decide to do is going to seem harder than you originally thought. The thoughts of quitting will permeate your brain if you do not have a strong mindset. Always remember WHY you started, lean on your teammates, and always move forward. Like the movie character, Rocky Balboa said, “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life.” So when life hits you hard, take it, smile, and keep moving forward.

Quotes to keep you from quitting, Quotes to Keep You From Quitting

Final Thoughts

Have you ever gotten to the point where you felt like quitting? What did you do to break through and succeed? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. If you have any tips on not giving up I would like to hear them. Subscribe to my email list by clicking on the blue button above and receive my checklist to keep you moving forward in attaining your goals.

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Quotes to keep you from quitting, Quotes to Keep You From Quitting
All Aboard!!

“This Train Is Moving on, You Can Get on, You Can Get off, But the Train Keeps Moving on! We Are Going to the Top of the Mountain!”

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66 thoughts on “Quotes to Keep You From Quitting

  1. When I was poor and Dollar Store I still remained proud and dressed to match. Being small, them being tall and picking on me one day I had enough. I defended myself. I learned from others how not to do it. I made up my mind who I wanted to be. But I had a home court advantage, my 4’11” granny that always told me I could be anything I wanted too to be and do it too. Her words was you have it in you! You are that smart. I believed her and when I joined the Army I was determined to make it. I pushed my fellow soldiers to do better and told them you can do this. I got out and afterwards and took enhancement courses in IBM, journalism from Univ of Tn to improve was myself. It was hard but that made it great when I accomplished my goals. At times I took the pain to receive the gain. I earned my way to promotion and eventually became an Associate Publisher of two newspapers. Later in life I trained for data entry for the postal service. I had people who could do code much faster than me. I persevered and broke my necessary wpm many times. Today, I am retired yeah this Ct, B- student.
    I learned how to defend myself and others when needed. I hope I have been exemplary in one thing well two: achieving my goals, encouraging others! I have always been for the underdog and picked in sports their team. Been a wild ride but the good Lord, guts and determination have brought me through! That is why I am a champ today. My epitaph should read – He Was An Encourager!

    1. Thank you for sharing your incredible story. I was inspired reading it. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. I have definitely encouraged me.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration.

    The wise know what to and what not to when to and when not to Quit.

    Time to Quit the Bad and Quit Quitting the Game of Success.

    Thanks once again

  3. great post. I rememeber standing in the elevator in labor and saying I’m done, I changed my mind. I quit. what a big lesson that was as the only way was through.
    next 3 were born at home.. Quitting was never an oprion for me..

  4. Wow…
    This is something everybody should read when they feel like quitting…
    You have concentrated almost everything in a single post…
    That’s quite impressive…
    Keep it up…
    I really liked 40% rule..

      1. You too… Take care!!
        And so happy… That you are advising your children about the reality of life!!
        That’s great being a father…

  5. We have to keep on moving. That is where our progress lies. I love the 40% rule, we truly have more in us than we can ever think of. God is our sufficiency and we can achieve more with Him. 🙌
    Thanks for sharing this. 👍

  6. Splendid.
    You’ve got it.
    “Always remember WHY you started, lean on your teammates, and always move forward “…in this case, quitting is not an option.

    Thanks for the nice read. Am blessed

  7. Another beautifully poignant post in the times we are living. I’m finding many of the song lyrics I have written seem to relate strongly to one post or another in here. “When life kicks you in the teeth, take the chance and lick your wounds/Rub the blood from off your lip, turn and flash a crooked smile.”

    Keep on keeping on sharing awesome encouragement. Peace.

      1. One of my mentors a while back used to say life was made up of seasons. Some last years, some last for a matter of days. Some people are there to help us transition between seasons, others will be there through more than one.

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