windshield mentality, WindShield Mentality

WindShield Mentality

So often, our thoughts are centered around the past and the future. For personal improvement, you should spend the majority of your time focused on today. Think about what you’re doing right this minute. What can you accomplish today? This is called windshield mentality.

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Windshield Mentality

Windshield mentality is looking at what is in front of you. When you are driving a car, you look at what is in front of you through the windshield. Most of your time is spent concentrating on what is happening now. Only a small amount of time should be spent looking too far ahead or what is behind you. It is only what is directly in front of you that counts.

I first heard of windshield mentality when a Clemson University football player was interviewed after a tough game. The team didn’t play well yet still won the game. When asked about the team’s performance, the player responded by saying they had already forgotten about it. Coach Dabo Swinney teaches them windshield mentality. They don’t look at the past or future, only what is directly ahead.

Your Past Does Not Define You

You cannot improve yourself by focusing on the past. It will keep you where you are. Your experiences in the past have gotten you to where you are today. You can never go back and change your past. It is gone, never to return. For example, football players cannot do anything about their poor performance. They cannot go back and replay the game.

Your past does not define you. Whatever happened, happened, and it cannot be changed. Develop a windshield mentality and begin getting ready for the next game. What can you do today to improve yourself?

windshield mentality, WindShield Mentality

Do Not Worry About The Future

Focusing on the future only leads to anxiety. The future is unclear, and there are many factors you cannot control. Do not worry about it. If the football players begin looking too far into the future and worrying about playing poorly, they will not be ready for the next opponent.

What can I do today? You will be asking yourself this question if you have a windshield mentality. Remove all anxiety by controlling your future. Decide what your future will be and put the work in today to ensure it.

Set Your Goals

I am a big proponent of setting goals. Goals are what you will accomplish in the future. The negative side of setting goals is the anxiety created when it doesn’t look like you will complete them. The most important part is the method of accomplishment, not the goal itself.

if you are working on the method today, your goal will be attained. There might be a few tweaks along the way, but that is normal. You might even have to change your method altogether. Set your goals, develop your method/plan, and focus on your method/plan. Develop a windshield mentality and work on what you can control today.

Do You Have A Windshield Mentality?

What do you focus on, the past, the future, or today? Remember that whatever happened in the past is gone and does not define you. Do not waste time worrying about the future and events out of your control. Focus on the things that you can control.

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19 thoughts on “WindShield Mentality

  1. 💜 We 3DLive 3DLife in Reverse then Die EveryOne; unless We Accept that “Past” “Present” and “Future” Co-Exist Simultaneously EveryBody…yes, The “Present,” “Moment” is Important; so is The “Past” for Lessons as is The Future Solely Instructed by Our CHOICES!!! and DECISIONS!!! in Our “Present” “Moment” just Ask Any Child or a KiDult, like Me, who has Returned to The Purity of Our ChildLike State with ALL The Benefits of Being an Adult


  2. I teach this concept by putting ones hands and arms stretched to the front of you with palms up, always reaching farther forwards than when we flip them behind us. More of our life to live than what we’ve already lived. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🙏

  3. This is excellent, Scott! I reflect on my past at times,…but I practice the NOW, at this moment! I’m setting goals and looking ahead. Thank you for encouraging us! 💛🤗

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your wonderful comments, Karla. I have been sharing your book with teachers I know. I hope it helps. 🤗❤️🙏

      1. You’re so welcome Scott!
        It’s going great actually and these points apply. I’m so happy I am overseeing every aspect to troubleshoot when need be.
        How did you know I needed these lines! Thanks so much! 💖💖🌻🙏🙏

  4. […] Last week, I was gifted an excellent example of what I am talking about. The Mrs. and I were at the Driving Range hitting golf balls. We recently took up the game, and neither of us is good at it. As we were hitting, and the balls were going wherever they wanted to, I heard behind me a distinct word beginning with a F***. Turning around, I saw a man swing, hit the ball, and immediately shout F***! He didn’t look like he was having a good time. […]

  5. Your post today brought to mind one of my favourite films lines I first heard in Kung Fu Panda: : “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present.”

    Peace to you my friend. 🙏

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