a simple thing like gratitude, A Simple Thing Like Gratitude

A Simple Thing Like Gratitude

The power of giving thanks is enormous. Once you have decided you want a better life, begin to give thanks for everything. Begin a habit of giving thanks every morning and throughout your day. Soon you will see how powerful a simple thing like gratitude can be.

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Gratitude Is A Simple Thing

To get what you want in life, you must appreciate and give thanks for what you have. You cannot expect a better life if you are not appreciative of the life you have been given. Do not complain about your current situation. Experience the power of a simple thing like gratitude by giving thanks for everything you have.

My daughter will graduate from the University of Alabama in May. When she moved off-campus her sophomore year, she began driving one of our older cars. She describes her car as junk and a POS. I have told her that is the wrong way to go about the situation. She will not get a better car until she is thankful for the car that she has.

Find The Good

Be thankful always. No matter what your situation. You will not change it by complaining. If you don’t live in the nicest house, give thanks. You have a roof over your head. If you are drowning in debt, give thanks. There are ways to pay off debt.

a simple thing like gratitude, A Simple Thing Like Gratitude
Wake Up and Be Grateful

I begin each morning tapping into the power of a simple thing like gratitude. When I wake up, I say I am thankful for yesterday. No matter if it was a good day or a bad day. I am grateful for today and the possibilities a new day brings. Next, I begin every morning writing 10 things I am thankful for in a gratitude pad.

You Are Blessed

No matter what your current situation is, be grateful because you are blessed. You are here and have the opportunity to change your situation. As you learn to give thanks, you will be blessed, and your situation will change.

Back in February, I went through a rough patch. I began experiencing many negative things happening in my life. I have written about them in previous blogs. Despite all the bad things that were happening, (there were a lot), I gave thanks. I knew that it was just another challenge that God or the universe was putting me through.

Now I am being blessed far above the turmoil that I went through. I continued to be grateful for my situation and think positive thoughts. I changed my circumstances through the power of giving thanks and was rewarded. A simple thing like gratitude is amazing.

Ask God

What circumstances are you going through? Find peace in knowing you can improve your situation. Give thanks for your present life and everything that you have. Ask God or the universe for whatever you want. Believe it will happen. See the life that you want in your mind as real. Feel what it will be like living that life. Continue to do this every day until you develop faith.

Will it be easy? No. You will have to conquer the fears and doubts that come along with change. You must develop patience and persevere to overcome. Patience is a virtue. With patience and perseverance comes faith. Faith defeats all fears and doubts. Once you have faith, you will understand the power of giving thanks.

If you are going through any negative situation, I hope my article helped. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments section. Don’t forget to like, follow, and sign up for my email list above.



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21 thoughts on “A Simple Thing Like Gratitude

  1. πŸ’œ Agreed EveryOne; it’s particularly important to be Grateful πŸ™ and Appreciative for the Crappy Stuff…as to The WHY; it’s because YOU!!! Can (thank you Barack Obama) Let It Go and ARE Grateful and Appreciative that it Happened rather πŸ™ πŸ™Œ 😌 than holding on to it like a hot πŸ”₯ πŸ₯΅ 😎 😜 πŸ˜‰ 😏 πŸ”₯ iron β™₯️ rod taking it out on Others because YOU!!! ARE Taking It Out on YOU!!!


      1. πŸ’œ YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome πŸ™ πŸ€—β˜ΊοΈ ; it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene, We ARE One who ARE Many rather than Many who ARE One


  2. I’ve always enjoyed these posts on gratitude! I’m with you on this! Despite setbacks, and including feats, gratitude is the only way to give and receive so many blessings!

  3. πŸ’œ The Path to Misery is Our UnReasonable Expectations EveryOne because of Our Lack of “Gratitude” and “Appreciation” due to Our UnReasonable Expectations; when We Let Go and Change Our Expectations, with Support and Assistance, without Lowering Them then We Return to The Purity of Our ChildLike State We ReDiscover the JOY!!! and Love that is Our Natural, Default State EveryBody


  4. The emotional state of feeling grateful is such a powerful one, and I always rejoice in it. It means we are content and at ease with where we are and what we are. Thank you for a great reminder of that.

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