episode 24: finding confidence within you, Episode 24: Finding Confidence Within You

Episode 24: Finding Confidence Within You

In Episode 24: Finding Confidence Within You, I show you how I found my confidence and it changed my life. If you knew me early on in my life, you might’ve got the impression that I was a noticeably confident individual. I looked confident on the outside because I was athletic, smart, and always had lots of friends.
What you wouldn’t have seen was the true person of who I really was, a person that was not confident on the inside.

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Episode 24: Finding Confidence Within You

My extreme fear of heights meant I had to make up excuses whenever my friends wanted to jump off a high dive platform. I couldn’t even go on roller coasters. Even though I was selected for athletic teams, I never thought I deserved to be on the team. Inside I felt as though I wasn’t good enough and that everyone else was a better player. I was always surprised and thankful that I was even a part of the team.

It Was There All Along

After everything I had accomplished in my life, I had no reason to think that way. It took me being diagnosed with cancer before I really to a look at my life and became confident. Here are some of the things that I began to do change. I:

  • Looked at ALL the successes I had had throughout my life;
  • Stopped having unrealistic expectations of myself;
  • Started reading more books;
  • Changed the way I thought about myself;
  • Started speaking about the confident person I was;
  • Stopped caring about what others said or thought about me;
  • Stopped taking everything personally.

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The Best You

Do you struggle with self-confidence? Are you a different person on the outside than you are on the inside? As humans, we are all unique and we have to see the real person who we are. We are defined only by the words we tell ourselves, not by other people’s words. Tell yourself every day that you are a confident, strong person. Look at all the successes you have had in your life and don’t compare them with others. All victories, no matter how large or small, are victories. Celebrate every one of them. Every day go be the best person that you can be on that day. Life is life and some days are simply better than others. Some days I accomplish a lot, other days not so much, but every day I’m the best me. Go be the best you.

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12 thoughts on “Episode 24: Finding Confidence Within You

  1. When you said there were some mornings you couldn’t get out of bed that struck deep. The year I graduated from university and started my first job, the previous four years of struggling to keep with study, struggling to be the likeable person every saw on the outside really hit me. I was waking up to my alarm for work each day, but over time I slept less and less. I felt the weight of expectations, real and imagined, self-imposed and external, which led to my doctor recommending time off work to look after my mental wellbeing.

    The next year was the roughest year of my life. From the outside it might have looked like a dream life. I spent my time reading, playing video games, watching television, and playing ultimate frisbee. No one saw the days I couldn’t get out of bed struggling with the demons in my mind telling me I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t even worth the energy it would take to get out of bed. No one saw me going to bed because I didn’t want to wake up the next morning. No one saw the pain that continuously stacked on top of itself because I couldn’t get out of bed, and then I was angry about not really knowing why.

    Thank you for sharing these dep memories, and offering the encouragement to keep going. We can get through the tough times. As you say, there will be bad days, and there will be good days. It’s about managing our mindset to recognise that, and be ok through all of them. It will take time to learn how, and we might not know our ‘why’ for a long time – maybe even years – but we’ll get there.

    Peace, Hamish.

    1. Thank you for your insightful comments. I have made peace with my Doubt Demons. When they pop up now and again, I laugh and they go back into hiding. Take care. Scott

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