Stopping Your Negative Thoughts, Stopping Your Negative Thoughts

Stopping Your Negative Thoughts

Stopping your negative thoughts takes work. Success is based on work. If you’re not willing to do the work you’re probably not going to have very good results. It all begins in the mind though; you have a thought about something that you would like to accomplish. You have to change your thought process.

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Episode 6 – Stopping Your Negative Thoughts

You start off with a dream about being wealthy or losing weight and having a different body. How about living in a mansion instead of your studio apartment that’s worse than the apartment you lived in at college? Now that you have this dream; How are you going to go about turning it into a reality? If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that HOW is not really important. WHY is the most important part of the equation.

Feed Your Dreams

Dreams, like grass, need to be nourished and watered. If your irrigation system is adjusted correctly then most of the water lands on your yard and nourishes your lawn. The grass grows healthy and full, chokes out all the weeds, and you have this lush green lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

If you water your dreams with positive thoughts then they will grow, flourish, and choke out those pesky “Doubt Demons”. On the other hand, if you’re watering the street your lawn suffers and nothing grows. Grass does not grow on asphalt. If you’re constantly giving into negative thoughts you might as well be watering the street because nothing is going to grow.

Positive Affirmations

Begin a daily habit of affirmations. Write them down on an index card and carry it with you always. The first thing in the morning, read them several times. Throughout the day pull out your index card and read them over and over. You need to program your positive thoughts into your subconscious.

Just like you adjust your sprinklers to only water the grass, adjust your positive thoughts to water your dreams. They say you have to do something 10,000 times before you get really good at it. I’m no scientist but maybe that’s how long it takes before your subconscious mind takes over and you start doing and saying the right things without thinking about it.

Final Thoughts

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Stopping Your Negative Thoughts, Stopping Your Negative Thoughts
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50 thoughts on “Stopping Your Negative Thoughts

  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ “Positive” People ARE The Nastiest “Negative” People of ALL; after ALL a Pessimist is NEVER!!! DisAppointed while an Optimist is ALWAYS!!! Very DisAppointed and MEAN!!!

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


  2. Very encouraging, and empowering. Thanks for sharing.

    Negative thoughts can hide many precious opportunities if one doesn’t learn to deal with them. It is a process, one step at a time.

  3. Truly, the mind is where it all takes place. If we don’t process our thoughts to fit or align with our goals then we become our own hindrance. Negative thoughts will be there. Instead of feeding the negativity we ought to accept our current flaws and say look, this is what I’m down on and I most definitely need to improve on it. Then comes the commitment and hard work, and with consistency we achieve our goals

    Thanks for sharing 💚

  4. Wow, what an encouraging post. I really liked the metaphor that you used where you compared dreams to grass that you have to continue to nourish and grow with positive thoughts. It really helped me to visualize the life-changing effects of a positive attitude. I hadn’t realised before how essential they could be. Thank you.

  5. I really like your analogy about watering the streets. If we are working hard but don’t know what we are working towards, how do we know we’re putting effort in the right places? Know your goals and dreams, and orient your thought processes to believe we will get there.

    My mornings are not how I want them to be right now. They are rushed and this sets up the rest of the day to be the same. This morning while I walked to work I realised I want to start my day with exercise, prayer, and writing my stories. I will say affirmations that I can do this, I will do this, and have done this.

    This is heavy stuff, but so important to remind ourselves every single day. Thank you once again for your wisdom, and sharing stories from your life which show these things in action.


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