the mystery of sex transmutation, The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation

The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation

In this podcast, I am continuing to talk about Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. The 10th step toward riches, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. I will admit that I had a difficult time understanding this chapter. I read it several times until I believe I finally understood it. It is simply a sexual energy transfer to increase creativity.

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Sex Transmutation

According to Hill, the emotion of sex has three constructive potentials. First, sex is necessary for the perpetuation of man. Second, sex has the potential to maintain a healthy mind and body. Third, sex has the potential for the transformation of mediocrity into genius. It is done through transmutation by a sexual energy transfer to increase creativity.

The mystery of sex transmutation isn’t complicated. Sex transmutation is switching the mind from thoughts of physical expression to thoughts of some other nature. It is simply a transfer of sexual energy into another form of energy. Transmuting your desire for sex into accomplishing your goals will open up your creative mind.

Directed Sexual Desire

It can be argued, that when people go astray, the main culprit is sexual desire. Hill states that men have risked life and reputation to fulfill this desire. It has cost people vast fortunes. In contrast, when harnessed and directed to another outlet, sexual energy can be used to create great literature, art, and wealth.

The desire for sex is the most powerful desire we have as humans. It makes sense to harness this power and use it to accomplish greatness. Sexual desire can develop imagination as well as increase courage. It will develop willpower and persistence. Sexual energy transfer will increase your creative ability.

the mystery of sex transmutation, The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation

It’s Natural

Sexual desire is innate and natural. It should not be suppressed or eliminated. You should use sexual energy transfer to increase your creativity. Give this powerful desire another avenue to express your creativity. In this chapter, Hill reveals that scientific research at the time disclosed that men of greatest achievement have highly developed sexual natures. Also, these men were motivated by the influence of a woman.


How can you use sexual energy transfer to increase creativity? First, continue to have a healthy sexual relationship with your loved one. Think of a particular passionate event or someone who stimulates a sexual desire in you. You will open up your creative imagination and increase your vibration, therefore connecting you with the universe.

The Law of Attraction or Assumption states that your thoughts become your reality. By thinking of the person you want to become, you are determining your reality in the future. To make this happen, you must add emotion. Since sex is our most powerful emotion, it is the key to your creative imagination. Your creative imagination is the direct link between you and infinite intelligence.

Final Thoughts

Use sexual energy transfer to increase creativity. I often say, that before a session of meditation/visualization, I think about the first time I saw my wife. This image invokes much emotion and puts me in the perfect mindset to increase my creative imagination.

I hope everyone increases their creativity, and I appreciate everyone that visits my site. Please continue to like, follow, and comment. I would love to know your thoughts on this topic of sexual energy transfer.

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