Episode 28 how to overcome self-doubt, Episode 28 How To Overcome Self-Doubt

Episode 28 How To Overcome Self-Doubt

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Episode 28 How To Overcome Self-Doubt

I’ve talked about this in several previous articles and want to discuss it more thoroughly today. I’m talking about those little creatures that hide deep inside our minds. The ones that pop up at the worst of times. Their only function is to prevent you from living the life you so richly deserve. Yes, I am talking about those dreaded “Doubt Demons!” They are there, dug in deep and camouflaged, waiting for the right time to come out. It is imperative to stifle these demons. If at all possible, they should be eradicated.

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Like all demons, they are created by fear. They are particularly active right after you make a decision to change yourself for the better. Have you ever tried to lose weight and began to get cravings for unhealthy foods? Doubt Demons. If you’ve ever attempted to get a promotion, you might have started noticing the quality of the other candidates. You begin to compare yourself with them and believe that they are better. Doubt Demons. Did you start a business for financial freedom? After you made that decision were you engulfed in fear, asking yourself, “how will I pay the bills?” Doubt Demons.

Episode 28 how to overcome self-doubt, Episode 28 How To Overcome Self-Doubt

Where They Come From

Any thought you have that fills you with fear is placed there by the Doubt Demons. Where do they come from? Unfortunately, these Doubt Demons can be given life inadvertently. When we are young and our thoughts are forming, we are very vulnerable. Many times our Doubt Demons are placed into our subconscious mind by adults who don’t realize the harm they are doing. Often your parents, teachers, etc. have tried to protect you from disappointment. They say things like, “he’s just shy,” “she’s not a good test taker,” or “it takes money to make money.”


Any statement such as the ones above gives life to these Doubt Demons. Imagine what will happen if you want to ask out the girl of your dreams but you been told that you are shy. You want to go to the college of your choice but are “not a good test taker.” Doubt Demons are not exclusively given life just when we’re young. They can also be placed in us as adults by our coworkers and friends. Have you ever told a friend about a big dream? If their response was less than enthusiastic, it gave life to your Doubt Demons.

Do you want some tips and techniques to control your Doubt Demons? Listen to my podcast above, Episode 28 How To Overcome Self-Doubt.

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  1. Thank your for such wonderful words! This will help a lot. I must appreciate the way you delinate your thoughts in such a beautiful way. You are just awesome.❤❤
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  2. Doubt demons is a very memorable way of describing the thoughts that burrow their way into our mind, slowly and inadvertently. When you told the brief story about asking someone out, and how would you feel if you’d been told you were shy all your life, I started to pragmatically think about all the times I felt that exact type of fear of doing that very thing. I haven’t mastered identifying when those doubt demons show up in that area of my life, but I’ve been making big strides in other areas of life.

    Thanks again for sharing practical actionable things to do to manage any doubt demons we might have.

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