the power of one word, The Power of One Word – Ep 12

The Power of One Word – Ep 12

I hope you enjoy my latest podcast, The Power Of One Word – Ep 12. Focusing on this one small word will get you out of bed, conquer all obstacles, and bring you success. This time next year you can be a changed person.

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The Power Of One Word

There is so much power in words. Words can make you happy or sad. They can calm you or make you angry. Put you to sleep or give you a jolt of adrenaline and get you going. They can build great relationships but they can also tear them down. Wars were started by words, but they can also bring peace.

I read a blog,, the other day that was beautifully written titled, Scribbler. In this post, there was a statement that really hit me about how powerful words can be. The author talks about once again finding her love for writing. The statement is “So, if you ever decide to give up, or feel you’re not meant to write, please think about why you started writing.”

One Small Word

That one little word in that sentence, “WHY,” means so much. If you can do just one thing you will always be successful. That one thing is to remember that little word, only three letters. If you remember WHY then you can succeed at anything because you will never quit. Always remember why you started doing something that you love. Always remember why you fell in love with that certain person.

In two weeks, my wife and I will celebrate our 27th anniversary. In 27 years we’ve had a great relationship but we have gone through a couple of storms. Whenever it got so bad that I thought we were at the end of our relationship, I would think back to WHY I fell in love with her. I would remember the first day that I ever saw her and the early days we spent together. I fell in love with her because of the person that she is. She is beautiful, intelligent, caring, and funny. She always makes me and everyone around her laugh. Even if we weren’t getting along, she was still the same person I fell in love with and that was my WHY. It gave me the ability to fix our issues.


The only way to fail at anything is to quit. Yes, you will have small failures along the way in anything you do. That’s how you learn and your success is built on those small failures. If you quit and walk away, that is the ultimate failure. When things are getting tough and you’re seeing those small failures, always remember that little word, WHY. If you remember WHY you started, you will never quit. The WHY will bring you back from the brink, it will pick you up and get you started again.

Never Quit

I believe one of my greatest assets is that I will never quit. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the edge of physical exhaustion or mentally struggling with a dilemma. I will not quit. My reason is that my WHY is larger than the pain. It’s bigger than the problem. It’s more powerful than any reason to quit. It is what drives me and keeps me moving forward. I am successful because of my WHY.

What Is Yours?

What is your WHY? Is it large enough to keep you moving forward? If you have a big enough WHY then nothing is impossible. The universe wants you to succeed. It wants abundance for everyone in the world. It says so in Scripture. You have been given your WHY by God.

“For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.” – Matthew 13:12  

On a daily basis, you should think of your WHY. Let it pick you up when you’ve been knocked down, use it to keep fighting. Think about it constantly and keep moving forward.

the power of one word, The Power of One Word – Ep 12
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Final Thoughts

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34 thoughts on “The Power of One Word – Ep 12

  1. I felt so good after reading this post. Well “WHY”, because it really made me think about “WHY” it is good to sort out the things… your “Wifey” part was the best thing about the post.. m sure she must be so proud to read that and know how much you value her….By the way Happy 27th anniv. in advance.. 🙂

  2. Knowing your “WHY” is a whole boost. It keeps you going even when it’s hard, and for me , it reminds me that it’s about progress and not perfection…. Happy anniversary in advance ✨

  3. That was a great post! “Why” is such a small word, yet so powerful. It makes me think about how people give up on things….why? Because it’s easy to do. We should consider the “Why Not”? God Bless
    Happy early Anniversary 🎉

  4. Have a great anniversary….stay blessed and happy always…..
    My ‘whys’ would be quite something….🙈🤪🤗🤣😉🎀

  5. This is such a good reminder. After you’ve been doing something for a while, it can be hard to still feel motivated to do it. But if you remember the drive and motivation that you felt at the beginning – it will help you to move forwards. After three years, of writing my novel, this really helped me. Thanks.

  6. I agree with you, Scott, that being able to look back on the beginnings of your goals can be motivating. This gives you an opportunity to refocus and recommit. This article explains this process so well and is very helpful. <3 Cheryl

  7. Amen to that! I had been feeling flat this week, which seemed odd to me as I have been sleeping regular hours, and for long enough which is better than usual. But I made a point of picking up my guitar and just playing. Not specifically trying to improve, not trying to play other people’s songs, just putting my fingers to the fretboard and playing. Writing my own music, coming up with simple riffs that are my own sound is the reason WHY I feel in love with the guitar. I’m not the most talented guitar player, I’m not the most inspired song writer, but I sure as heck love making music.

    As always this post has inspired more creativity in my bones. Thank you for your words, and your vulnerability in sharing your experiences.

    1. Hamish, thank you for commenting. If I may offer you a suggestion, always speak what you want. If you want to be the most talented guitar player then tell yourself repeatedly that you are a talented guitar player. Your love of music deserves nothing less. You have much to give the world through your music, don’t keep it to yourself. Let it out. Music can inspire people to be better. I am looking forward to hearing your songs. Keep writing.

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