the value of teamwork, The Value Of Teamwork – Episode 22

The Value Of Teamwork – Episode 22

In this podcast, The Value Of Teamwork – Episode 22, I want to talk about the value of teams. Have you ever tried to accomplish something alone? It is hard. By surrounding yourself with a team you will find it is easier and you can accomplish much more.

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Episode 22 – The Value Of Teamwork

If you want to be successful at anything, you need a team. It’s just overwhelmingly difficult to make it to the top by yourself. As I have written in past blogs, your WHY needs to come from deep down inside you, it needs to be large and emotional. The goal that you are working towards accomplishing has to be worthwhile. It has to be realistic but large enough to scare you and be difficult to obtain. Life is gonna throw too many obstacles and challenges at you to accomplish the goal by yourself.

We always went into the jungle as teams. I was part of a 10 man team that was deployed to South America and lived in the jungle. In the military, I was part of a unit that had a mission to accomplish and could only be done as a team. During my law enforcement career, I always had a partner and we were part of a bigger team that worked the streets. Whenever we would conduct an enforcement operation, we always went out with a minimum of six team members.

Forming A Team

If you find yourself all alone on your journey, I encourage you to go form a team. It is said that two horses pulling together should be able to pull twice as much weight as a single horse. The truth is that two horses, pulling as a team, can actually pull three times the weight. If those two horses trained together as a team, then they can pull as much as four times the weight. By forming or joining a team it will make your journey to success easier, faster, and less frustrating. It’s a lot easier to quit on yourself than it is to quit on a team.

When you’re looking for a team, look for people who are like-minded as you and are always uplifting. Take a deep long look at the team that you’re currently on, mainly your coworkers, family, and friends. Evaluate your team to see if they are supportive and invested in your success or are they negative and insincere.

Look at the people in your life and you will see that you can fit them into one of two categories; wind or anchors. People that are in the wind category are always filling your sails and moving you forward. People in the anchor category are the ones that stop your forward progress, keep you from moving anywhere, and if they wrap around you, can drag you to the bottom of the ocean and drown you. These anchors will have to be cut out of your life, at least temporarily, until you are not affected by them.

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As you continue on your journey you will build your confidence to a level where you are no longer affected by other people’s opinions of you. In a previous post titled, A Flying Rat’s Ass, I wrote about not letting other people’s opinions affect you. If someone else’s opinion or words affect you in a negative way and stop you from accomplishing your goals, then you value the other person’s opinion more than you do yourself.

The Value Of Teamwork can not be under emphasized, it is crucial to your success. The next step is to simply go find a mentor and form that championship team that will accelerate your road to success. We are all here for you.

the value of teamwork, The Value Of Teamwork – Episode 22
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4 thoughts on “The Value Of Teamwork – Episode 22

  1. When you said “It’s easier to quit on yourself than it is to quit on your team” those words hit me hard. I know that feeling all too well. I thrive when working with other people around me, when communication is working well, and we are encouraging each other. When it comes to writing, I’ve become more successful with others looking over my work and helping with parts of the writing and publishing process I don’t know well. When it comes to making music I tap into the expertise of friends who know more about theory than I do, and watch a lot of YouTubers who give astounding advice for free.

    Thank you for sharing, and for keeping on keeping on being awesome. 😎

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